I recently got a 1972 VW convertible super beetle that gets too hot, too quickly. Not much surprise there… but that can lead to throwing a rod and requiring an engine rebuild real quick. After doing vwholesome research into how she cools herself I found out that you need to make sure the engine seal and tins are keeping the exhaust heat separate from the engine bay because the engine temp will get exponentially worse from the exhaust heat coming up into the air intake. So after ordering new rear engine seals, I still had the big gaping hole in the evacap3dengine tin. The round hole pictured here originally had a tube running to the stock air intake when it was new. For reasons beyond me, a previous owner switched to the older design air intake. So I'll patch the problem with 3D printing. Because I can. To design a cap I measured the diameter and the height of the tube and 3D modeled it in 123D Design. And because I could, I added My VW's name and thumb indents to it.
After replacing the seal and capping the hole my vw is so much cooler now. B-)vwcap