Fallout Nuka-Cola Crate

basicdiagimag1014imag1011imag1016imag1018I’m the best man in a wedding that is going to be Fallout themed. I was tasked with making a couple of things for the theme. The one I’m working on now is the Nuka-Cola crate. The Bride’s idea came from an imgur post where someone made one. I found a couple of crates at the local craft store and got to work on the electronics. The wood spacing on the bottom will allow me to squeeze wiring and LED’s in between.
With some simple calculations and a breadboard test I just took the easy route of not needing resistors by using 3 volts of power. The calculations go like this. Each of my white LED’s has a forward voltage of 3V and with a source of 3V you don’t have any left over to deal with (no over heating problem) so no resistors necessary. I used white LED’s because you can just put any lighting gel over the light and it will change the color of the bottle to what you would want. For a battery pack I just 3d printed it and hot glued it into place. Final Picture to come after the wedding when it has been painted.imag1017imag1371kupix