All you fuckers wanted our own network well here you go. Internet 2.0. We did it! Thank you Joseph especially for doing all the hard work to make this happen :). Fuckin a Joseph you da mang.

So you handful of peeps on this network better throw up some content. Get some shit on this little LAN. Make your own hamster dance site for all I care, just want something other than my old rpi blog. I guess we can start sharing our ORIGIN stories up in here. Whip out ur vanity biatches. I don’t want this network to only be used for useful shit. Heh maybe I should have hosted a BBS and made all you dingdongs dial in :P. Anyways… As for how I got through “December”¬†

Whooosh *Flashback sound* swoooozzz

While I was updating all the internet folks about the riots that were anything but, the carnage reached our apartment. I had saved the previous “AFK” draft after we heard screaming right outside our window. Tamsin and I had the lights off and were all closed up so no one could see in. We stared in frozen horror from our dark room as one of those creatures knocked and followed our neighbor into the pool. Blood clouded out as they thrashed around in the pool.

Tamsin said “we should help”

I said “yeah”

And we both stood there like gutless chicken shit pansies.

Across the way, another neighbor was hurrying down the stairs. A real hero, dammit. She grabbed the pool cleaner pole and tried prying them apart. Props to her cause it worked. The victim came out gasping for air and wailing. The bloody attacker tried to go after him some more but the lady kept it back with the pole, in a loop of shoving the creature back into the pool over and over as the victim made his way out. The 2 then made a break for the upstairs on our side.

Tamsin and I freaked. Was the door locked? Are they coming here?Is that fuckin zombie going to get in?! The most selfish panicked thoughts. Jesus Christ we were sad. They staggered past our apartment door and kept going much to our relief. I said to Tamsin I’ll check the door. I walked up to the door and locked it with an unsatisfying *clunk*. Just after locking it I looked through the peep hole to see it walking up the stairs on all four limbs. This scared the shazbot out of me. Its so primal, and that image still haunts me to this day, watching it crawl up the stairs staring at our door with it’s empty eyes. I held my shaking hand behind me to gesture to Tamsin to remain quiet. The creature crawled to a walk and followed after the victims direction.

“We need to barricade” Tamsin shakily whispered.

So I creeped over to our coat rack and grabbed a 2×4 that was left over from a workbench that I had made. Tamsin grabbed the hammer and screws and handed them to me.

I looked at her with a face I can best describe as “are you trolling me?”

She realized what she had done and gave me the “fuck you, you saw nothing” face.

While Tamsin held the board in place with a fearful look, I ever so goddamn slowly screwed the board into the door frame. We cringed through every creak and squeak like the wood was screaming in pain. I mentally pleaded through sweat. “please board shush, or you’re going to get us both fucking killed!”

We stood there in our hallway just listening to screaming and banging. It was a horrible fucking night.

It was a disgusting chain of events. Screaming and banging and yelling and for some reason other neighbors  would open their doors thinking it was a domestic disturbance and get attacked. The creatures started getting larger and larger in numbers as the night went on. Either more showing up or more changing sides. We watched from across the apartment complex to the other one as someone slammed their door shut only to have it smashed open by a creature switching from crawl to walk only to fall into the weak door. After seeing that we spent the rest of the night sitting on the ground with our feet on the door.

The worst that night was across the hallway we could hear a girl crying and whimpering. It was horrifying as we heard the monsters hear her and attract to her door which in turn made her cry louder which led to so many at her door it just fell open crushing her under the weight of the monsters.

We call that the monster mash.

I’m sorry, humor is my coping mechanism.

I wanted so badly to yell shut the fuck up but I couldn’t think how that could help except to get them on our door… Shit we were barricaded. I guess maybe we could of done better than her. Who knows.

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