“I’m not crazy” -every crazy person

Okay… not so okay… Anyways the lights are off in our apartment the curtains are drawn and I'm writing this after quite a bunch has happened. Stuff has been moving too fast for me to update this but now I'm getting bored and I need to think some stuff through with what has happened.

I'm seeing a bucket of traffic coming to this site over TOR and that's good! That means the message is actually getting out and we're saving lives. oh yeah and for the peeps who are not in the know. ZOMBIES! FUCKIN ZOMBIES!!!!111one That clear enough? Fuck what you read, fuck the twitter cynics that are brushing this off. Fuck the news, you'd think they'd hop on this violence and report it better for fuck sake. I guess reporters aren't able to use TOR so they wouldn't be able to check out the video and properly report what's happening. Well fuck you and the band that you like. Learn to internet,cause you asshats are just gonna get people killed... OK shit, well lets actually go over what happened.

So I drove clear around the "crime scene" and got up towards the large Mormon church on the hill and found a nice dark area with bush cover and a clear view to the hospital area without much car traffic. I was crossing the street and some night jogger stopped me and asked what's with all the gear. I pushed out the tripod from the towel (really hoping the rifle wasn't noticeable, :-/ cause that would be awkward) and said "gonna do some night photography"

"Nice" then jogged off.

Damn. I was kinda hoping they'd ask me some more questions? I had kinda prepared for it. Knowing what settings I was gonna use and other legit things to prove I'm a photographer. Whatever I guess this is good.

I setup the tripod up with the yagi antenna pointed at the general area then sat down on a camping chair that I always kept in my trunk. I unfolded my laptop then started scanning for wireless security cameras. How I did this: When wireless scanning you can see the bssid, which is the hardware address of each device. Since the beginning of the MAC address is normally how you can identify the vendor. I only displayed bssid's matching my list of security camera vendors. Then from there I had a good list of Access Points that I could target. I'm using the yagi instead of my bigger/easier 24dbi dish because I need to make sure I'm getting AP's near the hospital. There were 6 ap's around the hospital that had IP cameras on it. I didn't log the ones that I was unsuccessful with because... well good for them, they weren't easily vulnerable, I still have their handshakes so I guess I could throw more cpu's at it but, fuck that. So with the two that were cracked one I cracked using reaver because it had wps and the other was just an easy password.

WHAT are you telling me that you can just sit outside my house and crack my wifi password?!

No you little shit, it's easier than that! You can deauth one machine and then take that handshake home and crack it at your leisure. Like a portable safe :D

I didn't have to take this hand shake capture back home to crack because the password was found in my dictionary file (password: beaumont). My laptop found that in a couple minutes while the reaver was raping the other access point to death. Firefly much? WPS networks password was 5104374222. 510 made me assume it was just the persons phone number. So I did the lazy thing and ARP poisoned the small network. ARP poisoning is a non elegant way of rerouting traffic through your machine. It slows the network traffic down and makes the intrusion more noticeable but It was cold and I was a mile away, who the fuck cares about them detecting you. They're not gonna find you. Anyways. Seeing most of the traffic coming through port 1935, so I assume it's using rtmp. Yay live streaming taught me things! Using the internet i'm connected to I installed nginx with an rtmp module and rerouted the rtmp stream to my machine. I checked the nginx logs and the ip camera was trying to broadcast to /live/cam021. Cool so I just made a little page to display that stream and opened it up with a vlc player. and..... holy crap, it was the Hospital network?! Why was there internet on this network. Lazy admins :/ Well shit that was easier than I tho...

There. right there on the ip camera was someone laying on the ground and another person doing what looked like blowing raspberries on his stomach? Really motor boating that stomach. Nope nope nope nope nope. My brain was going full retard at that moment trying to avoid the reality of the situation.

I had my answer. Quicker than I hoped but hey what was I expecting.

There is a moment when your brain has to make the switch to a grim reality. Some longer than others. Mine was when I was about to laugh at the motor boating stomach that I was watching. Nope. Most people when they find corpses washing up on a shore or finding them in the wild first think. "Why would anyone leave a mannequin out here?"

So there I am seeing what looks to be a nurses desk in the hospital and just behind the counter is someone just really digging into someones stomach. Nom'n away while black liquid pours onto the ground. Sorry for the not exact color. Such is the experience of night vision cameras. I assume it was day time when this started then no one turned on the lights in that office. So I decided to start recording the feed by piping the rtmp to a file.

I can't believe no one has dealt with this room yet. Or were there people still alive in there? How contained is this situation? Then while I asked myself that question. The person being eaten starts moving and then gets up and the two walk off. Fuck. I'm out of here. Ctrl-C'd the video recording, packed up and headed back to my car. That's when a text message got through. I cringed at the noise and realization of what it could be.

Tamsin: People on your computer are saying "they have lost the barrier" please come back. 9:06

Ever been in a car crash? That shaking feeling is the closest I can describe that feeling. I needed to get back to my car ASAP FFS and get somewhere safe. I threw all the gear into the passenger seat. Sitting in the driver seat taking a moment to think which way I should head home. I texted back.

Me: Heading back 9:28

Then noticed the time stamp. Tamsin had sent that about 20 minutes ago.

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