So how do I find out what’s up?

What if I got my hands on the footage of the hospital riot? Can I do that from home? Not quickly or easily. Maybe I can find security camera footage from other sources. So I dusted off my old scripts for wireless scanning made them search for only wireless camera stations. That will at least point me in the right direction for something useful.

So lets not go into the belly of the beast to find this info out. The area is still blocked off. So I’ll have to do my WiFi scans from far away. My ham radio is not setup to do trunking so I can’t really listen to the emergency services while driving around… bummer. So I’ll just have to deal without that. I’ll bring my cell and hopefully setup near WiFi so Tamsin can alert me of anything that goes wrong since the cell networks are unreliable right now. We worked out that if she hears any more crazy violence over the radio she’ll send me a text via google voice and an email. So I think I’ll drive up towards the Oakland California Temple, that has a nice high point to probably be able to hit what I want.

Now the hard California question. Should I bring my rifle? So I don’t have a hand gun cause those are harder to get and you have to take a class and a bunch of other hurdles to make sure no one can casually own a hand gun. We have 2 rifles in our apartment a .22 rifle I don’t remember what kind but its a single load and shoot kind and my 30-06 M1 Garand. I don’t have anything confirmed so I’m just gonna bring Tamsin’s smaller .22 rifle with some rounds in my pocket and a folding knife. Besides that I’ve got my laptop, usb wireless card, yagi antenna and tripod. I figure I can carry the tripod with the rifle since they’re both about the same size.

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