In my group of friends we have a chat using the slack platform because it allows all the holdouts to use IRC. They’re still on irc either because that don’t like change or because it makes them look like they’re working, you know in a terminal. 1337 hax. I created a channel in the chat called tinfoilhat, a channel for when shit goes down. Useful info sharing going on there.

More news on the “Hospital Riot”: it has been “contained”. The word on the news was as follows. A large family recently had multiple loved ones die, due to “gang related” attacks. The family went into a frenzy and started lashing out at hospital employees. This escalated into a hospital riot situation.

I shit you not. This is actually what they’re saying

Then shortly after the riot broke out, the gang showed up and shot the large family. Then the police arrived and took control of the situation with more violence.

Holy fuckin shit balls. What the dicks? Seriously… seriously. Ever been so frustrated by a lack of information? I’m really feeling it now and it’s frustrating to the point of anger. So I’ve decided I need to find out if SHIT is actually happening.



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