“kg6oq7 this is ki6if1…                                 kg6oq7 this is ki6if1…”

*kerchunk* “this is k6gwe.. repeater” identified the repeater. I waited a bit more

“kg6oq7 this is ki6if1…”

“kg6oq8 this is ki6if1…” my mom and stepdad had callsigns that were right next to each other because they tested at the same time. With all the years I spent playing video games next to the my stepdads ham radio station


Either they didn’t get my message or shit hasn’t gone down for them to notice or…

Tamsin walked out looking like she was in a wind tunnel. “Why didn’t you bring me coffee?”

“I thought you wanted to sleep in?” I replied, it had crossed my mind that she didn’t get up because I started making coffee and we’ll normally bring coffee to whoever sleeps in longer. “Sorry, had a lot on my mind”

She looked at the radio in my hand. “Find out about the screaming or shots?”

“No, tried to reach my parents” I said “I’m thinking now, that assuming someone else was gonna call the police was stupid, maybe we should have?”

“But we didn’t even know where it came from” she said “do you work today?”

“Yeah but with what’s been going on I kinda don’t feel safe right now, you know? So I emailed in sick. Anyways I get to spend your first day off with you. :) Wanna play a game?”

“Lemme Reddit, coffee, and Facebook a bit.” She smiled and flipped up her laptop. I looked back outside and someone was walking out to their car. I never took notice to how many people actually get up and go out to work in the morning but it seemed there were more cars in the parking lot on a work day than normal.

Noon came around and I still wasn’t able to get a hold of them.



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