So after quite a bit of diggin on the internet I was unable to come up with any news reports of the recent deaths I had over heard. I picked up Tamsin from work and she told me her last customer was another fake credit card and she hopes they die. I made the topic changing joke of “too soon”

It would appear the most common way of credit card fraud is for them to print a stolen credit card number on a prepaid credit card. Then if the cashier tries to call the number on the back they just grab the card out of the cashier’s hand and give some excuse to why they’re offended. Like “Don’t violate my privacy” or “This is too much hastle” or the most common “You’re racist” and then just walk out the store. I read once the most commonly purchased items at a store with a stolen card is champagne and baby diapers. Thanks big data for figuring that out! :/

So Tamsin and I heatedly talked about what I had been hearing and yes, she also gave me shit for spending money we didn’t have on survival stuff. but then we started going over stuff we had noticed… but not really noticed. Tamsin said she saw the neighbor across the street that normally hangs around outside wasn’t there this morning and laying on the garden was just a garden hose running, flooding their garden. “Garden’s gotta be dead now” she said. I said “I saw a group of 3 or 4 dogs with leashes and no one walking them.” Tamsin also brought up that 2 stores in the mall were closed today with no BRB sign or explanation. I then remembered seeing a car parked in middle of the street near the in-n-out by the Tube with it’s doors open. I said ” Maybe people are just rage-quiting our server?” A stab at gaming humor that Tamsin just gave me a “really?” look for.

Since we were already freaking ourselves out, after we went to bed we heard some more loud pops.

Tamsin rolled over and face me “Was that gun shots?”

“Yes” :/

Before we always joked it was just the myth-busters testing stuff but this was further away then the usual boom from Alameda Airstrip.

This morning we woke to a scream from outside. Better than coffee at waking you up but it was 4am and still dark so not entirely sure where it was coming from. Half awake, I messaged my mother via text

get out of town something horrible is going down

but my phone never sent the message. The message finally got out over wifi but something is up with the cell network. That probably meant they won’t receive it on their end cause they don’t have off network support. I followed up with

hit me on mt tam

then turned on my ham radio. We had an agreement. If shit goes down check in at noon on the Mount Tamalpais ham repeater to get in touch. I’ll just have to wait till then. For now I’m just going to sit in the dark, drink coffee, and watch out the window. Tamsin went back to sleep. It’s raining now and the wind is a bit strong. It’s probably a good thing cause other wise I’d be getting freaked out by hearing what’s out in the silence. It weird that this isn’t the first time we’ve been woken up to screaming and even gun shots? That wasn’t zombies before so… Actually I never looked into it…


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