So I’m a terrible writer, so this is gonna be more like free write like I had to do back in college. But I know knocking yourself down is a bad way to start off. I’m an amazing writter… typer cause you know. Typing is not writing. I figured I’d start writing this lil blog about lyfe and all that jizz to get better at writing and trying to discover if this helps me think. So i’ll just write about things that i would only really care about or appreciate in the future. Pepper your angus for: run on sentences and hella elipsissessememeffa how ever the fuck you spell that… activate autocorect ellipses. shit what ever. Nailed it (ô¿ô)

Today’s the last day Tamsin works at her shitty shoe selling jerb. So she’ll have way more time than I do to write but you know what I have that she doesn’t? CONTENT yeah suck it :P. I say content because I saw some fucked up shit on the way back home… /me activates establishing shot.

Tamsin works in SF on market so I’ll be a sweet boyfriend and drive her to her place o’ biz and then back home over the bay bridge and through The Webster Tube then back to mah island apartment. And right before the tube there is this fenced off area where the hobo’s used to live. The homeless that lived there was actually pretty cool. On Halloween they made an at-at out of some cardboard and paint; really impressive. They sometimes take over the near freeway pillar, and sprayed “Please give us weed” on it with a pvc tube under it. It reminded me of a skeeball target, that you could just toss into as you drove by for MAXIMUM TICKETS! Clever peeps.

I wonder how much weedz they got out of that…

So after Oakland City Public Werks or whoever…   fenced off the area to keep them out, they had just about kept it empty for a while but last night I saw someone camped out there. I was all “Oh snap Oakland Shitty Public Twerks is gonna getchya soon” Then on my way back through The Web Tubez this morning the Camp was thrashed and two motionless people were laying under yellow tarps, over watched by two cops. As I rolled by the Officer actually said “Steve got bit” now if that aint some zombie shit, I don’t know what is. Cool beanz amiwrite?! /me puts on tinfoil hat <:D

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