All you fuckers wanted our own network well here you go. Internet 2.0. We did it! Thank you Joseph especially for doing all the hard work to make this happen :). Fuckin a Joseph you da mang.

So you handful of peeps on this network better throw up some content. Get some shit on this little LAN. Make your own hamster dance site for all I care, just want something other than my old rpi blog. I guess we can start sharing our ORIGIN stories up in here. Whip out ur vanity biatches. I don't want this network to only be used for useful shit. Heh maybe I should have hosted a BBS and made all you dingdongs dial in :P. Anyways... As for how I got through "December

Whooosh *Flashback sound* swoooozzz

While I was updating all the internet folks about the riots that were anything but, the carnage reached our apartment. I had saved the previous "AFK" draft after we heard screaming right outside our window. Tamsin and I had the lights off and were all closed up so no one could see in. We stared in frozen horror from our dark room as one of those creatures knocked and followed our neighbor into the pool. Blood clouded out as they thrashed around in the pool.

Tamsin said "we should help"

I said "yeah"

And we both stood there like gutless chicken shit pansies.

Across the way, another neighbor was hurrying down the stairs. A real hero, dammit. She grabbed the pool cleaner pole and tried prying them apart. Props to her cause it worked. The victim came out gasping for air and wailing. The bloody attacker tried to go after him some more but the lady kept it back with the pole, in a loop of shoving the creature back into the pool over and over as the victim made his way out. The 2 then made a break for the upstairs on our side.

Tamsin and I freaked. Was the door locked? Are they coming here?Is that fuckin zombie going to get in?! The most selfish panicked thoughts. Jesus Christ we were sad. They staggered past our apartment door and kept going much to our relief. I said to Tamsin I'll check the door. I walked up to the door and locked it with an unsatisfying *clunk*. Just after locking it I looked through the peep hole to see it walking up the stairs on all four limbs. This scared the shazbot out of me. Its so primal, and that image still haunts me to this day, watching it crawl up the stairs staring at our door with it's empty eyes. I held my shaking hand behind me to gesture to Tamsin to remain quiet. The creature crawled to a walk and followed after the victims direction.

"We need to barricade" Tamsin shakily whispered.

So I creeped over to our coat rack and grabbed a 2x4 that was left over from a workbench that I had made. Tamsin grabbed the hammer and screws and handed them to me.

I looked at her with a face I can best describe as "are you trolling me?"

She realized what she had done and gave me the "fuck you, you saw nothing" face.

While Tamsin held the board in place with a fearful look, I ever so goddamn slowly screwed the board into the door frame. We cringed through every creak and squeak like the wood was screaming in pain. I mentally pleaded through sweat. "please board shush, or you're going to get us both fucking killed!"

We stood there in our hallway just listening to screaming and banging. It was a horrible fucking night.

It was a disgusting chain of events. Screaming and banging and yelling and for some reason other neighbors  would open their doors thinking it was a domestic disturbance and get attacked. The creatures started getting larger and larger in numbers as the night went on. Either more showing up or more changing sides. We watched from across the apartment complex to the other one as someone slammed their door shut only to have it smashed open by a creature switching from crawl to walk only to fall into the weak door. After seeing that we spent the rest of the night sitting on the ground with our feet on the door.

The worst that night was across the hallway we could hear a girl crying and whimpering. It was horrifying as we heard the monsters hear her and attract to her door which in turn made her cry louder which led to so many at her door it just fell open crushing her under the weight of the monsters.

We call that the monster mash.

I'm sorry, humor is my coping mechanism.

I wanted so badly to yell shut the fuck up but I couldn't think how that could help except to get them on our door... Shit we were barricaded. I guess maybe we could of done better than her. Who knows.

“Sorry about that we heard some seriously close gun shots. Life feels short right now so it would suck if the last post I did was sitting in the draft section of this blog. But then again if this blog cuts off. Just assume I’m dead, thanks for reading, stay safe and stay saucy <3"

*years later* :-/

This has been sitting in my draft for years. LOLZ

Well by sitting in my draft, I mean sitting in a literal sneaker net. After Tamsin and I got the essentials I had lodged my lil raspberry pi server in a shoe so it wouldn't get banged around... Alot has happened since I originally posted the beginning of this.

Where to start?

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I recently got a 1972 VW convertible super beetle that gets too hot, too quickly. Not much surprise there… but that can lead to throwing a rod and requiring an engine rebuild real quick. After doing vwholesome research into how she cools herself I found out that you need to make sure the engine seal and tins are keeping the exhaust heat separate from the engine bay because the engine temp will get exponentially worse from the exhaust heat coming up into the air intake. So after ordering new rear engine seals, I still had the big gaping hole in the evacap3dengine tin. The round hole pictured here originally had a tube running to the stock air intake when it was new. For reasons beyond me, a previous owner switched to the older design air intake. So I'll patch the problem with 3D printing. Because I can. To design a cap I measured the diameter and the height of the tube and 3D modeled it in 123D Design. And because I could, I added My VW's name and thumb indents to it.
After replacing the seal and capping the hole my vw is so much cooler now. B-)vwcap

“I’m not crazy” -every crazy person

Okay… not so okay… Anyways the lights are off in our apartment the curtains are drawn and I'm writing this after quite a bunch has happened. Stuff has been moving too fast for me to update this but now I'm getting bored and I need to think some stuff through with what has happened.

I'm seeing a bucket of traffic coming to this site over TOR and that's good! That means the message is actually getting out and we're saving lives. oh yeah and for the peeps who are not in the know. ZOMBIES! FUCKIN ZOMBIES!!!!111one That clear enough? Fuck what you read, fuck the twitter cynics that are brushing this off. Fuck the news, you'd think they'd hop on this violence and report it better for fuck sake. I guess reporters aren't able to use TOR so they wouldn't be able to check out the video and properly report what's happening. Well fuck you and the band that you like. Learn to internet,cause you asshats are just gonna get people killed... OK shit, well lets actually go over what happened.

So I drove clear around the "crime scene" and got up towards the large Mormon church on the hill and found a nice dark area with bush cover and a clear view to the hospital area without much car traffic. I was crossing the street and some night jogger stopped me and asked what's with all the gear. I pushed out the tripod from the towel (really hoping the rifle wasn't noticeable, :-/ cause that would be awkward) and said "gonna do some night photography"

"Nice" then jogged off.

Damn. I was kinda hoping they'd ask me some more questions? I had kinda prepared for it. Knowing what settings I was gonna use and other legit things to prove I'm a photographer. Whatever I guess this is good.

I setup the tripod up with the yagi antenna pointed at the general area then sat down on a camping chair that I always kept in my trunk. I unfolded my laptop then started scanning for wireless security cameras. How I did this: When wireless scanning you can see the bssid, which is the hardware address of each device. Since the beginning of the MAC address is normally how you can identify the vendor. I only displayed bssid's matching my list of security camera vendors. Then from there I had a good list of Access Points that I could target. I'm using the yagi instead of my bigger/easier 24dbi dish because I need to make sure I'm getting AP's near the hospital. There were 6 ap's around the hospital that had IP cameras on it. I didn't log the ones that I was unsuccessful with because... well good for them, they weren't easily vulnerable, I still have their handshakes so I guess I could throw more cpu's at it but, fuck that. So with the two that were cracked one I cracked using reaver because it had wps and the other was just an easy password.

WHAT are you telling me that you can just sit outside my house and crack my wifi password?!

No you little shit, it's easier than that! You can deauth one machine and then take that handshake home and crack it at your leisure. Like a portable safe :D

I didn't have to take this hand shake capture back home to crack because the password was found in my dictionary file (password: beaumont). My laptop found that in a couple minutes while the reaver was raping the other access point to death. Firefly much? WPS networks password was 5104374222. 510 made me assume it was just the persons phone number. So I did the lazy thing and ARP poisoned the small network. ARP poisoning is a non elegant way of rerouting traffic through your machine. It slows the network traffic down and makes the intrusion more noticeable but It was cold and I was a mile away, who the fuck cares about them detecting you. They're not gonna find you. Anyways. Seeing most of the traffic coming through port 1935, so I assume it's using rtmp. Yay live streaming taught me things! Using the internet i'm connected to I installed nginx with an rtmp module and rerouted the rtmp stream to my machine. I checked the nginx logs and the ip camera was trying to broadcast to /live/cam021. Cool so I just made a little page to display that stream and opened it up with a vlc player. and..... holy crap, it was the Hospital network?! Why was there internet on this network. Lazy admins :/ Well shit that was easier than I tho...

There. right there on the ip camera was someone laying on the ground and another person doing what looked like blowing raspberries on his stomach? Really motor boating that stomach. Nope nope nope nope nope. My brain was going full retard at that moment trying to avoid the reality of the situation.

I had my answer. Quicker than I hoped but hey what was I expecting.

There is a moment when your brain has to make the switch to a grim reality. Some longer than others. Mine was when I was about to laugh at the motor boating stomach that I was watching. Nope. Most people when they find corpses washing up on a shore or finding them in the wild first think. "Why would anyone leave a mannequin out here?"

So there I am seeing what looks to be a nurses desk in the hospital and just behind the counter is someone just really digging into someones stomach. Nom'n away while black liquid pours onto the ground. Sorry for the not exact color. Such is the experience of night vision cameras. I assume it was day time when this started then no one turned on the lights in that office. So I decided to start recording the feed by piping the rtmp to a file.

I can't believe no one has dealt with this room yet. Or were there people still alive in there? How contained is this situation? Then while I asked myself that question. The person being eaten starts moving and then gets up and the two walk off. Fuck. I'm out of here. Ctrl-C'd the video recording, packed up and headed back to my car. That's when a text message got through. I cringed at the noise and realization of what it could be.

Tamsin: People on your computer are saying "they have lost the barrier" please come back. 9:06

Ever been in a car crash? That shaking feeling is the closest I can describe that feeling. I needed to get back to my car ASAP FFS and get somewhere safe. I threw all the gear into the passenger seat. Sitting in the driver seat taking a moment to think which way I should head home. I texted back.

Me: Heading back 9:28

Then noticed the time stamp. Tamsin had sent that about 20 minutes ago.

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So how do I find out what’s up?

What if I got my hands on the footage of the hospital riot? Can I do that from home? Not quickly or easily. Maybe I can find security camera footage from other sources. So I dusted off my old scripts for wireless scanning made them search for only wireless camera stations. That will at least point me in the right direction for something useful.

So lets not go into the belly of the beast to find this info out. The area is still blocked off. So I'll have to do my WiFi scans from far away. My ham radio is not setup to do trunking so I can't really listen to the emergency services while driving around... bummer. So I'll just have to deal without that. I'll bring my cell and hopefully setup near WiFi so Tamsin can alert me of anything that goes wrong since the cell networks are unreliable right now. We worked out that if she hears any more crazy violence over the radio she'll send me a text via google voice and an email. So I think I'll drive up towards the Oakland California Temple, that has a nice high point to probably be able to hit what I want.

Now the hard California question. Should I bring my rifle? So I don't have a hand gun cause those are harder to get and you have to take a class and a bunch of other hurdles to make sure no one can casually own a hand gun. We have 2 rifles in our apartment a .22 rifle I don't remember what kind but its a single load and shoot kind and my 30-06 M1 Garand. I don't have anything confirmed so I'm just gonna bring Tamsin's smaller .22 rifle with some rounds in my pocket and a folding knife. Besides that I've got my laptop, usb wireless card, yagi antenna and tripod. I figure I can carry the tripod with the rifle since they're both about the same size.

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In my group of friends we have a chat using the slack platform because it allows all the holdouts to use IRC. They’re still on irc either because that don’t like change or because it makes them look like they’re working, you know in a terminal. 1337 hax. I created a channel in the chat called tinfoilhat, a channel for when shit goes down. Useful info sharing going on there.

More news on the “Hospital Riot”: it has been “contained”. The word on the news was as follows. A large family recently had multiple loved ones die, due to “gang related” attacks. The family went into a frenzy and started lashing out at hospital employees. This escalated into a hospital riot situation.

I shit you not. This is actually what they're saying

Then shortly after the riot broke out, the gang showed up and shot the large family. Then the police arrived and took control of the situation with more violence.

Holy fuckin shit balls. What the dicks? Seriously... seriously. Ever been so frustrated by a lack of information? I'm really feeling it now and it's frustrating to the point of anger. So I've decided I need to find out if SHIT is actually happening.



So I have this little raspberry pi server that really hasn’t been doing much but cron jobs. So I added a job to it’s daily list.

0 2 * * * /home/shazbot/

It simply logs onto my blog and makes a copy of this database then stores it on it's sd card. I figure if shit goes down it will be a lot easier to do computing with a 5 volt machine than my current desktop that needs 110v to run. I guess I could get a dc to dc power supply but lets be honest... a desktop pc is wasteful during a power outage.

Tamsin found some articles linked in reddit talking about violent protests breaking out in Oakland and a 4 block radius has been closed off near 14th ave and 26th. Strange place for a protest. For those just tuning in to google maps. That's near Highland Hospital.


“kg6oq7 this is ki6if1…                                 kg6oq7 this is ki6if1…”

*kerchunk* “this is k6gwe.. repeater” identified the repeater. I waited a bit more

“kg6oq7 this is ki6if1…”

“kg6oq8 this is ki6if1…” my mom and stepdad had callsigns that were right next to each other because they tested at the same time. With all the years I spent playing video games next to the my stepdads ham radio station


Either they didn't get my message or shit hasn't gone down for them to notice or...

Tamsin walked out looking like she was in a wind tunnel. "Why didn't you bring me coffee?"

"I thought you wanted to sleep in?" I replied, it had crossed my mind that she didn't get up because I started making coffee and we'll normally bring coffee to whoever sleeps in longer. "Sorry, had a lot on my mind"

She looked at the radio in my hand. "Find out about the screaming or shots?"

"No, tried to reach my parents" I said "I'm thinking now, that assuming someone else was gonna call the police was stupid, maybe we should have?"

"But we didn't even know where it came from" she said "do you work today?"

"Yeah but with what's been going on I kinda don't feel safe right now, you know? So I emailed in sick. Anyways I get to spend your first day off with you. :) Wanna play a game?"

"Lemme Reddit, coffee, and Facebook a bit." She smiled and flipped up her laptop. I looked back outside and someone was walking out to their car. I never took notice to how many people actually get up and go out to work in the morning but it seemed there were more cars in the parking lot on a work day than normal.

Noon came around and I still wasn't able to get a hold of them.



So after quite a bit of diggin on the internet I was unable to come up with any news reports of the recent deaths I had over heard. I picked up Tamsin from work and she told me her last customer was another fake credit card and she hopes they die. I made the topic changing joke of "too soon"

It would appear the most common way of credit card fraud is for them to print a stolen credit card number on a prepaid credit card. Then if the cashier tries to call the number on the back they just grab the card out of the cashier's hand and give some excuse to why they're offended. Like "Don't violate my privacy" or "This is too much hastle" or the most common "You're racist" and then just walk out the store. I read once the most commonly purchased items at a store with a stolen card is champagne and baby diapers. Thanks big data for figuring that out! :/

So Tamsin and I heatedly talked about what I had been hearing and yes, she also gave me shit for spending money we didn't have on survival stuff. but then we started going over stuff we had noticed... but not really noticed. Tamsin said she saw the neighbor across the street that normally hangs around outside wasn't there this morning and laying on the garden was just a garden hose running, flooding their garden. "Garden's gotta be dead now" she said. I said "I saw a group of 3 or 4 dogs with leashes and no one walking them." Tamsin also brought up that 2 stores in the mall were closed today with no BRB sign or explanation. I then remembered seeing a car parked in middle of the street near the in-n-out by the Tube with it's doors open. I said " Maybe people are just rage-quiting our server?" A stab at gaming humor that Tamsin just gave me a "really?" look for.

Since we were already freaking ourselves out, after we went to bed we heard some more loud pops.

Tamsin rolled over and face me "Was that gun shots?"

"Yes" :/

Before we always joked it was just the myth-busters testing stuff but this was further away then the usual boom from Alameda Airstrip.

This morning we woke to a scream from outside. Better than coffee at waking you up but it was 4am and still dark so not entirely sure where it was coming from. Half awake, I messaged my mother via text

get out of town something horrible is going down

but my phone never sent the message. The message finally got out over wifi but something is up with the cell network. That probably meant they won't receive it on their end cause they don't have off network support. I followed up with

hit me on mt tam

then turned on my ham radio. We had an agreement. If shit goes down check in at noon on the Mount Tamalpais ham repeater to get in touch. I'll just have to wait till then. For now I'm just going to sit in the dark, drink coffee, and watch out the window. Tamsin went back to sleep. It's raining now and the wind is a bit strong. It's probably a good thing cause other wise I'd be getting freaked out by hearing what's out in the silence. It weird that this isn't the first time we've been woken up to screaming and even gun shots? That wasn't zombies before so... Actually I never looked into it...